The 266XL's compressor is packed with just the right features to effectively reduce and control the dynamic range of your audio, add punch to flabby, loose sounds, or add sustain to instruments. The 266XL begins with the classic dbx compression made famous by our 160 line of compressors. Just set the 266XL's Attack and Release controls to 12:00 to get the same response as those units. But there's more. We scaled the program-dependent Attack and Release controls with dbx's AutoDynamic™ circuitry, so that the 266XL's full range of controls produce voicings that extend from slow leveling to aggressive peak limiting.

Common Compressor Applications:
• Fattening a Kick Drum or Snare Drum • Adding Sustain to Guitar or Synthesizer String Sounds • Smoothing Out a Vocal Performance • Raising a Signal Out of a Mix • Preventing Sound System Overload • Digital to Analog Transfers

The 266XL's gate is ready to tackle all your gating needs, whether you need to remove unwanted noise or other background sounds, tighten drum sounds, or change the characteristic envelope of an instrument. The 266XL's gate provides more flexibility than traditional switch gates because it actually functions as a combination gate/expander. Where switch gates are generally only suitable for a limited number of uses (e.g., gating percussion), the gate on the 266XL acts as a gentle downward expander at low Ratio settings (suitable for vocals, guitar, mixed program, etc.), and can effectively work as a switch gate when used at high Ratio settings.

Common Gating Applications:
• Gating Dry Percussive Sounds (e.g., Snare Drum, Kick Drum) • Gating Sounds That Have Longer Decay (e.g., Cymbal, Piano) • Gating Hum or Buzz From Live Instruments or Recorded Tracks • Downward Expansion to Reduce Noise Under Smooth Sounds (e.g., Vocals, Woodwinds)